Road to Digital Engineering – join us as we set out into the future.

Intuitive, simple and able to work on the next project from anywhere – that is our vision as we continue to develop the item Engineeringtool. Discover the numerous benefits.

Engineering anywhere

Complete engineering tasks direct in your browser, without any additional software, and access your designs from anywhere. Share your designs with colleagues and partners all around the world easily using unique project numbers.

Get results fast

Unrestricted engineering that is simple and accurate down to the millimetre. It’s all possible thanks to rules-based engineering, error correction and drag & drop functions that make it easy to position profiles and automatically place machining work and fasteners.

Just get started!

Check out the clean and clear interface of the item Engineeringtool – the perfect place to carry out your engineering work. CAD data output options even allow you to transfer your projects to your usual CAD environment, where you can continue working on them.

Our vision

The item Engineeringtool is going to change the way you plan your projects. It is set to become a digital workspace for all engineering tasks, including the full item product range, extended options for machining, efficient configurators for typical engineering tasks and numerous functions to make things even easier, such as the Product Finder. Digital engineering with item will make your work faster and easier.

The basics are in place

You can already use the innovative technology of the item Engineeringtool to complete numerous engineering tasks and utilise basic fasteners and item profile technology across all lines. Extend your basic construction with Caps and floor elements.

The easy way to work more efficiently

Digital processes cut your throughput times. Use the item Engineeringtool in meetings to sketch out projects right in front of the customer. Specify your project queries straight away in an efficient end-to-end solution that includes 3D engineering, comprehensive project documentation and even a link to a shopping cart so you can place an order directly. Your ideas are worth it!

Why wait? Try it out!

The Engineeringtool is very user-friendly and doesn’t need special training. item gets you on course for the future of mechanical engineering. Discover the opportunities available by digitising order and production processes.

Versand innerhalb von drei Werktagen bei Lieferung innerhalb Deutschlands.

Versand innerhalb von drei Werktagen bei Lieferung innerhalb Deutschlands.


Versand innerhalb von drei Werktagen bei Lieferung innerhalb Deutschlands.