Use the item Engineeringtool for your planning and design work

The item Engineeringtool assists you with all your mechanical engineering design work, helping you plan frames and racks in next to no time. Choose a simple solution for putting your ideas into practice. Make the most of your working day with the item Engineeringtool.

Do it simply and do more

Turn your idea into a finished design in just a few steps. The digital tool for your lean production solutions.

Lean production reinvented

Plan and modify your designs for everything from frames to FIFO racks with lightning speed, wherever you are, and then send the drawing to your colleagues as a link in next to no time. Speed up order processing and improve material flows. Benefit from the item Engineeringtool, your high-performance helper for continuous improvement.

Plan from anywhere

You can use the item Engineeringtool on any device that can connect to the Internet – and you don’t have to install anything. Sketch, plan and document new ideas and improvements straight away, wherever you are. All designs are securely saved online.

Get results fast

The item Engineeringtool features a clear, uncluttered interface so you can incorporate Profile Tubes into your design with ease – cut them to length, join them together, clamp them in place, job done! Roller conveyors and other components and solutions for frame building are all just as easy to integrate, so there’s nothing to stop you getting straight down to work.

CIP made simple

In just a few clicks, the item Engineeringtool turns your design into complete project drawings and installation guides. The tool automatically provides you with an archive containing all your designs so you can focus entirely on improving material flows.

Huge variety

The item Engineeringtool gives you rapid access to all the components you need to build frames. You can order anything you plan direct from the tool – without any complex ordering processes or long waiting times. We call it digital engineering – for you, it means an easier and faster way to get to the perfect result.

Clear time savings

Ever had to create a whole new version of a drawing or design each time you want to make a minor change? The item Engineeringtool allows you to modify your designs online from anywhere and save your changes as a new variant. That means you can create solutions designed to improve material flows whenever you like.

Simple coordination

Because the sketches, project drawings and installation guides you create with the item Engineeringtool are 100% digital, sharing them with colleagues couldn’t be easier. That saves you a lot of paperwork, improves the coordination of continuous improvement processes and boosts staff productivity

No programming skills required!

Controlled with a mouse and featuring an integrated guide, the item Engineeringtool takes you step by step through all the functions you need to improve material flows. And if you ever have any questions, our service team is, as always, on hand to help out.
Why wait? Let’s get started!

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Versand innerhalb von drei Werktagen bei Lieferung innerhalb Deutschlands.


Versand innerhalb von drei Werktagen bei Lieferung innerhalb Deutschlands.